Students Deserve Better: We Want To Help You

Thursday 07-01-2021 - 12:44

Since the beginning of this pandemic, we know students are not having the experience they expected nor the experience you deserve. This was made more difficult over Christmas and now with the latest lockdown, things are getting worse.  

We’ve heard your issues and we support your demands on us to help fight for you. Since returning this week, we have already devised a plan for action - focusing on four key areas.


Finance and Compensation:
Financial support and compensation for both tuition fees and accommodation either through increased hardship funds, fee refunds or rent rebates.

Teaching, Learning and Assessment:
Minimising the impact on your access to learning, that of your assessment and your overall qualification, either through a renewed No Detriment Framework or Student Safety Net.

Student Support and Wellbeing:
Helping those that need it most or find themselves in need with timely support.

Social Connections:
Supporting community building and ensuring that those who haven’t met in person their student colleagues or future flat/housemates, still enjoy the broader student experience.

We know you appreciate this is complicated and involves many moving parts; the University, the Government, the Office for Students, Liverpool Council, the Public Health Authority, private accommodation providers and private landlords, all needing to be part of the solution.

Over the coming days and weeks the University will be sending out more information so please remember to regularly check your University email and follow LJMU on social media.

👉 You can find the latest guidance from the Government here

👉 Our advice service here


👉 Also, remember we have the JMSU Hangout on Facebook and live chat on for further support.

We are having conversations every day, locally and nationally with other Students’ Unions and the National Union of Students to take action and will continue to update you. 

In solidarity,

Your Officer Team

Lila Tamea, President (top left); Emily Roxbee Cox, VP Activities (top right); Tuba Shahzad, VP Academic Quality (bottom left); Megan Hill, VP Community Engagement (bottom right)





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