Mollie's Mission - Poker

Monday 21-10-2019 - 09:46

 This week I tried out … Poker!

If you love risk taking, bluffing and big wins this is will definitely suit you.

The society:

As I was new, I was on the beginners table - everyone plays against similar abilities. As the year goes on, the more you win, the more points you accumulate and move up to different tables from table 8 to 1 (the top table). At the end of the year points = prizes, therefore the more points the better the prizes.

Onto the game:

  • You have 4 different colour chips worth 10, 20, 50, 100. There is no physical money gambling at the poker society so it is a safe environment for all.


  • Big blind and small blind – each time the big blind (20) and the small blind (10) alternate between all the players. This is to ensure that people do not just sail through the game and engage all the time.
  • To win the game you need to have the best hand, a high card is the lowest winner and the royal flush is the best!


  • If you don’t have a good hand then you can bluff and still win
  • The dealer shuffles – fact: this is how they shuffle in casinos there are no fancy tricks!!


  • The dealer deals every player 2 cards
  • Everyone then places their bets – top tip, never fold on the first hand you never know what cards will be played
  • The dealer (which changes every round to allow everyone who wants to dealto-deal) then burns 1 card and places 3 cards face up. This is where you can start to see what good hands you have.
  • Everyone places their bets again – top tip, if you don’t think you have a winning hand bluff or fold


  • The dealer burns 1 more card and plays 1 more
  • Everyone places their bets again – top tip, if you have a good hand or want people to think you do bet high
  • The dealer burns 1 more card and the final card is played – there are now 5 cards on the table as well as your 2
  • The final bets are placed – top tip, go all in if you have nothing to lose or you think you will win
  • Then the player who can make the best hand with 5 cards wins!

I did extremely well at my first game and won! Some not so good hands which I managed to bluff and some really close hands.


This is such a thrilling game and the society made me feel so welcome. I would recommend this to anyone whether you are a pro, or have never played in your life like me, as it is great fun and is very rewarding when you win.  

Poker society meet every week Tuesday 7pm-9pm in John Foster G07. They offer people one free week to try out before paying membership, if you are interested give them a message and join their Facebook group LJMU Poker Society!

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