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Thursday 26-03-2020 - 11:37
Free things to do at home

It's a strange period in time, and we are going to be spending a lot more of it at home. This means we have to adapt to new ways of living, new routines and rhythms in our daily lives. 

But, fear not! Quarantining and self-isolating doesn't mean you have to stare at four walls (for the next however long?). We've found some content to keep you busy, free tools, free content and cool things to do to keep you occupied. Whether you fancy a trip to a museum, want to learn a new language, or play games with your friends and family. We've got you covered with a list of things below!



A free, on-demand streaming platform for public libraries and universities. Sign up with your LJMU email and discover so many films and documentaries! 


House Party
This is the casual alternative to growing conference apps (like Zoom or Microsoft Teams). Download House Party from the App Store or Google Play for shared experiences with family and friends, in-app games and watch TV together! 


Without a doubt, many of us are feeling anxious as we navigate the uncertainty of COVID-19. Calm is sharing tools to take care of our minds and stay grounded. Check out their curated content and free resources here!


Fitbit Premium
Normally, Fitbit offers a 7 day free trial for its premium content, but is now extending that to 90 days, giving everyone access. The content includes video and audio workouts, 150+ routines that adapt to you, and tools to build healthy habits and enhance mindfulness.


Peleton are also offering their services, and you don't need to own the company's treadmills or bikes to use them! The 90 day trial offers live-streamed and on-demand classes, meditation and stretching exercises, even music for your workouts.


Soak up some art!
The Met Museum, New York has a huge online gallery at the ready, 360 tours and conversations with artists! 

Or why not take a look around The Louvre? Follow the trail through the hallowed halls, where Jay-Z and Beyonce filmed their video for the song Apesh*t? 

Once you're bored of Paris or NYC, Google Arts & Culture features content from more than 1,200 museums around the world.


Learn a new language!
What better time than now do you have to learn something new? Duolingo offers bite-sized lessons and fun ways to learn. Psst...Los idiomas extranjeros brindan una ventaja competitiva en las opciones de carrera!

British Sign is offering a "Pay what you can" service for a 20 hour, CPD certified course. This can be studied at your own pace and is a comprehensive introduction to BSL.


During the current crisis, JSTOR and its participating publishers are making additional content freely available to access. 


Apps like Down Dog are making their content free whilst we are unable to get out to the gym and partake in our favourite classes. If you're a novice and want to get into Yoga, Thai Chi, Meditation - now is a perfect time!


Stop the world, I want to get off.
Literally! NASA has thousands of out-of-this-world photos and videos for you to explore. 


Escape into some amazing free books from Audible. There's also an option to sign up for a 30-day free trial.


For students now with students of their own
The American Museum of Natural History is offering online learning tools for kids of all ages. 

Kanopy for Kids
Watch a family film, keep the little ones entertained or use materials for homeschooling! 

BBC Bitesize
Over the coming weeks, BBC Bitesize will be providing daily content that supports school closures across the UK, helping children with their education and wellbeing.

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