Biomedical Science

  • Bsc biomedical science


About Our Group

The Biomedical Science society is a social group for anyone who is studying the course or those who just have an interest in biomedical science!


Becoming a member of the society is a great way to meet new people and to get to know others on the course, regardless of academic level. 

Key Information (When, Where and How Often We Meet)

We aim to meet monthly as well as frequent revision sessions especially coming up to exam season. 

We also aim to hold careers events, workshops, and a buddy system where you can be paired up with another person on the course!

Why Should You Join Us?

We are a relaxed but welcoming society, we will ensure that everyone feels comfortable and included. We want all members to be involved and have their say in society activites.


Joining the society is a great way to familiarise yourself with the different modules/levels of your course, to help you feel better prepared for the years ahead. 

Contact Us

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Follow us at: @LJMUBiomed