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About Our Group

LJMU Badminton Club is more than just a team – we are a family, and you can be part of it. Whatever your ability, there is a place for you here. 

For those who have little experience or may have never held a Badminton racket before, as a club we aim to teach you how to play, assist in your growth and provide you with a fun and energetic way to exercise and relieve the stresses of University life.

To those of you who are experienced players, the LJMU Badminton Club participates in a great number of competitions, not only against other Universities, meaning there is a great number of opportunities for you to partake in both friendly and not-so-friendly competition that will test and improve your abilities.

This is not to say however that if you do not have much experience that you will never be given an opportunity to play in real, competitive matches - if you prove yourself in practice then of course you will be given an opportunity to play.

Key Information (When, Where and How Often We Meet)

LJMU Badminton’s home sporting venue is IM Marsh Sports Centre. This facility is around a 30-minute bus ride from the City Centre and a 12-minute train journey from various Liverpool City Centre stations. 


Tuesday (8pm-10pm) – Designated training session of LJMU Badminton team

Friday (5pm-8pm) – Club sessions

Matches take place on Tuesdays and/or Wednesdays at varying times and places – it will be the job of your team captain to keep you in the loop on these details.

We appreciate that to new students, Liverpool can be a confusing place – particularly public transport. Therefore, for the first few weeks (during the taster sessions) members of the committee will meet you and guide you to the Sports Centre.

There will be no additional costs and the two weeks of sessions will be free to allow you to have a taste of university badminton before you decide to become a member. If you do not or are unable to make these taster weeks, just let us know and we will allow you to participate in a number of taster sessions for free.

Why Should You Join Us?

LJMU Badminton is a closely-knit community made up of members who not only teach and help improve one another but look out for one another on and off the court. Joining the club means you become a part of this family and can partake in our:


For many students, socials are an important part of University life. As a club, we aim to organize regular social events including nights out, meals/drinks, movie nights, and many more ‘one-off’ events.

This year, we are sponsored by Revolutions Bar. As such becoming a member of LJMU Badminton provides you with amazing deals at Revs, including 2-4-1 cocktails and 50% off Food!

Club Sessions:

These run every Friday from 5pm-8pm and provide time for players of all levels to have matches with each other, producing a fun, sociable atmosphere for all members. It also provides a chance for players to improve their game and confidence.


LJMU competes in the British Universities and Colleges Sport League (BUCS). As a university, we have entered a Men's 1st Team, Men's 2nd Team and Ladies 1st Team for the 2019/2020 league. We are also part of a local district league in which doubles and mixed doubles games are played.

To be able to represent LJMU against other universities in the country and local clubs is a brilliant opportunity and, as a result, there is a lot of competition for places on our teams.


Potential team players will be chosen from those individuals who attend the trial dates (TBA). These trials will not be anything to worry about. Committee members will watch and play against those who want to try out. These trials will not be your only chance to show us what you have got though! The teams can change throughout the year so keep working your hardest and you might just get a chance!

Last Year’s Achievements:

2019/20 was the year that brought many achievements.

The Men's first team had another successful campaign in the Northern 2A division by having cemented their position as 2nd in the league just narrowly missing out on promotion to the top Northern division.

The Men's second team had a comfortable season in the Northern 5A division having only lost a single game, this meant they won the league with a match to play as they were 7 points ahead of the rest of the teams gaining them a promotion for the upcoming year.

The women's first team had a steady season overcoming issues as some of the players who stepped up were new to the sport however they retained their position in the Northern 3A league.

Our district team this year had a solid campaign by finishing comfortably in a mid-table position.

This year marked the first year that the club entered into BUCS nationals which was a national tournament held in Sheffield, in which we were fortunate to be able to enter 3 doubles pairs and 2 single players, one male and one female. Within this competition, our women's single-player made it past the first day of competition and into the 4th round before getting knocked out.

2018/19 Season achievements:

2018/19 marked another successful year as a club.

The Men’s 1st team reached the semi-finals of the Northern Conference Cup as well as upholding a strong position in their league after being promoted the previous year.

The Men’s 2nd team finished top of their league and have been promoted.

The Women’s team finished confidently in their league despite some team members being new to the sport!

Our District team had an excellent year in the league and even manage to reach the final of the Sangster Cup for the first time!

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