Join us for the National Demo for Free Education

Thursday 02-11-2017 - 13:02

LiverpoolSU has a proud history of supporting national demonstrations and fighting for a free and fair education system. You have told us that you want this to continue, by setting policy to support Free Education and oppose any attempt to link the Teaching Excellence Framework to the setting of fees.

Students are under more financial pressure than ever before. The government have scrapped financial support for disabled students, bursaries for student nurses and the EMA. With the removal of maintenance grants, working class students are graduating with thousands of pounds more debt than their middle-class peers.

Parents are expected to financially support their children whilst at university. However as the Student Loans Company don’t take mortgages, debt, or siblings not in HE into account, most parents are unable to do this and we are left with maintenance loans that barely cover rent. Therefore, students are having to balance multiple jobs with a full time degree, leading to higher drop-out rates and increasing mental health issues.

None of this is okay, and that’s why as your Vice President Academic Quality this year, I’ve made one of my objectives to raise awareness about and campaign on education funding and the Teaching Excellence Framework.

November 2017, we will be attending the National Demonstration for Free Education, organised by National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts, where we will take to the streets of London, alongside thousands of students from across the country, to protest for free education, better loan systems and against the multitude of cuts that threaten the wellbeing of students. As part of this, on the 15th we, alongside Liverpool Guild of Students, will be providing free coach travel to London and back. All we need is a £5 deposit, which you will get back on the day.

And we want you to come with us – sign up to secure your space today!

As well as supporting and attending the demonstration, we will be doing banner making sessions, providing you with the opportunity to attend rallies and giving advice on how to stay safe on the demo, what to do in the event of any trouble, and some of our very own officers to march with on the day.

The student voice is more powerful than ever before and free education isn’t just a distant dream. The government have already been forced to raise the debt repayment threshold to £25,000 and freeze fees at £9,250. Neither of which would have been done, without the public outcry of students.

By joining together, we can make a difference. We have made change in the past, and we will in the future.

Angelina, VP Academic Quality.

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