International Students, we need you!

Wednesday 06-01-2016 - 15:31

We are running an International Student Project which aims to improve student life for those at LJMU who come from a variety of different countries and backgrounds. 

We’re recruiting international students from across the world to get a sense of how the international student experience can be improved. If you would like your voice and experiences to be heard, then volunteer and join us in our journey for a better international student experience 

You’ll be a part of a team of 30 international students who will use first-hand experience to make positive changes to international student life. You will be given the opportunity to make new friends from all around the globe. Plus, you’ll be given a gift voucher of either £20 or £40 each academic term as a thank you for your contribution. 

This is a unique experience offering you the chance to represent your views about LJMU, life in Liverpool and living in the UK. If you would like the opportunity to make a difference then email or show your interest here: ( 


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