BUCS wins 16th October and Team of the Week

Friday 18-10-2019 - 13:55

We had another amazing week this week! What a great way to welcom in the new Vice-Chancellor! Its excellent to see so many teams proudly wearing the kit to represent TeamLJMU.




Overall we had ...

12 wins
- Tennis (Men's 1 and 3)
- Football (Men's 1 and 3, Women's 1)
- Rugby Union (Men's 1)
- Badminton (Women, Men's 2)
- Hockey (Women's 1 and 2)
- Basketball (Men's 1 and 2)

2 Draws
- Badminton (Men's 1)
- Football (Men's 2)

9 Loses
- Tennis (Men's 2 and Women's 1)
- Lacrosse (Women)
- Hockey (Men's 1 and 2)
- Netball (Women's 1,2 and 3)
- Rugby Union (Men's 2)

We have faced many injuries this week as a whole Team, which just means next week we are just going to be back fighting twice as hard! 2 fixture this week were not able to go ahead:
- Rugby Legaue
- Golf


This week is ... Men's Basketball!


Both of these teams had away games this week and absolutley smashed both their games. The First team won 101-66 and the Second team won 64-42. Not only did they win, but they shared their win on Instagram for EVERYONE to see. Its great to win but its even better if its shared đź’™



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