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Monday 09-10-2017 - 14:53

With the 30th anniversary of Black History Month in full swing, our President Yasmin Ibrahim reflects on the importance of remembering Liverpool’s intrinsic ties to black history and raising awareness of this among the student body.

All of our humanity is dependent upon recognising the humanity in others’, by recognising and celebrating the history of our black people; we are appreciating the triumph of our Liverpudlian ancestors. Black people should certainly be celebrated every day, especially in cities like Liverpool as the essence of this city was built on immigration and black growth, which has essentially contributed to all aspects of Liverpool life. We should celebrate how this city has come from being one of the largest port cities for slave trade to being a multicultural city that fends off the advances of right wing extremism such as those of national action.

At the start of this academic year LJMU held their welcome event at St George’s hall, thousands of freshers have walked in and out of it for two days to see the different things this city and the university itself has to offer. Yet, how many of those students knew the essence of this grand building was built on by the proceeds of the slave trade? To educate is to free the mind, and so we owe it to our black ancestors to understand and learn their time of tribulation.

We are celebrating Black History Month here at Liverpool Students’ Union by recognising inspiring black role models across campus in the social spaces with powerful images and quotes, encouraging students to go to events to raise awareness, including a speaker event on white privilege (details below) and continuing to work year round on improving the experience for black students. Having spent last year working on a Liberation project which focused on learning about the experience and barriers that black students face, we are in a much better position to work with LJMU on implementing these findings and are committed to doing so this academic year.  

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Event: White Privilege: What is it and does it really exist in the UK higher education? 

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