Our Vision, Mission and Values

We feel privileged to be on the journey of the 20,000 people that have chosen Liverpool John Moores University to enrich their knowledge, skills, and opportunities. Their circumstances, experiences and aspirations are many and varied. But we share a simple vision for them all: that they feel happy and confident, during, and at the end of their time at LJMU.


Our strategy for 2017-2020 sets out how we seek to achieve this aspiration, and defines our:

Vision: Happy, confident students

Mission: We support and empower all LJMU students, connecting them to each other and the world around them.

Values: Student-led, Inclusive, Independent, Proud.


Everything we do is focused on making sure all our members have opportunities to:

Belong – to a vibrant, inclusive, supportive community of LJMU students

Change – how the educational experience most effectively represents everyone’s interests

Succeed – on their course and in future life, through sharing and upholding great academic practice.


To ensure we succeed in this, we’re working hard to ensure that we improve how students and our stakeholders perceive us in terms of:


Ensuring that students see us as having a direct impact on their lives.


Ensuring our interactions with senior colleagues at LJMU are evidence-led and add direct value to their thinking.


Bringing all staff on the journey towards driving forward the organisational agenda over the next three years.


From 2017 – 2020, we’re on a transformational journey, focusing our efforts year-on-year to achieve:

Year 1: Renewal – Addressing the fundamentals and “doing the right things right.”

Year 2: Growth – Building on success and “doing the right things, better.”

Year 3: Indispensability – Fulfilling our potential by “doing the right things, brilliantly”.