JMSU hold two elections a year this is where you can elect people to represent you, your academic interests and make your student experience the best it can be! Your elected representatives lead JMSU, they campaign for change, influence policy and voice about the issues impacting you whilst you are studying at LJMU. Those elected will represent you on university boards, committees and chair other democratic structures in JMSU such as Student Networks, Action Groups and the Student Engagement Panel. Elections and your elected representatives are vital in making JMSU a democratic and student-led organisation.


In our First Term Elections, you elect our Part-Time Officers and NUS Delegates who will represent you going forward in the academic year. These roles are voluntary and those elected will hold the post for one year (Oct-Oct). First Term elections are held in October. 


Then in our Second Term Elections, you elect your four Student Officers who will represent you in the next academic year. These roles are paid and those elected will hold the post for one-year (Jul-Jul). Second Term elections are held in March. To register your interest in the Student Officer roles and our Second Term Elections please click here



If you have any questions about elections at JMSU email the Elections Committee at: elections@ljmu.ac.uk