Quarantine Tips from Julia, your SU President.

Tuesday 31-03-2020 - 13:27
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I’m Julia, SU President and here are my quarantine tips J


Learn that one thing you’ve been wanting to do forever!

Now is the time to master something new J whether it’s a language, arts and craft or similar, take some time out to focus on that one (or two) things and start researching how you’re going to go about it. Personally, I used to paint and draw in high school and I haven’t really kept that up since then. I’m not great, but I find it incredibly relaxing and I love being creative. I got myself some paints and canvasses and I’m excited to start again!


Stick to routines

I’m Italian, as you will know from the news, my country has gone on complete lockdown. Things are expected to ‘go back to normal’ on 3rd April, which can seem like a long time. Advice I’ve received from family and friends back home is to stick to routines – for example, if you always have Indian on Fridays, that’s what you’re making this Friday too! If Sunday Roast is a big thing in your house, don’t start making exceptions now. Don’t treat this time like an endless weekend, you need to keep it up with the variety! J


Social media stress… relief!

Social media and generally less reliable news outlets can often cause more stress than anything else. Now more than ever, I love surrounding myself with positive news, particularly on Instagram - Here are some pages you can follow!

Good News Movement – IG goodnews_movement

I WEIGH – IG i.weigh

(I’ll be searching for more myself!)


P.S. I’m from a place called Trieste in Italy and since the lockdown, we have started seeing dolphins again! I don’t remember the last time that was a thing, but with no ships pulling in, different species are coming back. There’s my little bit of good news, from me to you J


Read read read

This is a personal one, as I’ve wanted to start reading again regularly for a while. I slowly started getting back into the habit of doing so every night, but some evenings I would tell myself I was too tired and leave it. I really have excuse now! Whether it be novels, poems, blogs… read what makes you happy and what you’re interested in learning more about!


Time to get out the board games

We are very, very competitive in my flat and we’ve brought out the board games to channel that competitiveness! Get into teams, revert back to ‘old times’ and have fun with it. ‘Ludo’ is our favourite! If that’s not your thing, there are plenty of online quizzes, Apps (I’m obsessed with Candy Crush!) and video games, of course. You can play with your flatmates, family and friends in different cities and countries!


Learn new recipes

My flatmates and I are from different countries and while we regularly eat together (uni, work, social activities allowing it!), we have now decided to learn dishes from each other’s cuisines. It’s a great way to try something new, not isolate too much and keep things fun! Tiramisù is the first thing the girls in this flat are learning!


Keep in touch

Particularly if you live in a studio or have friends who do, check up on each other and video call regularly. All my friends back home are doing that and their smiles are beautiful! It can get boring, it can get lonely, a call is always just a button away J


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