Your Officers

We're here to help you navigate your university journey, we want you to know that although we're not physically on campus at the moment, we're still here for you! 👋💫

Each of us, as your JMSU Officers, will support and represent you in different areas of student life, work hard to achieve the pledges on our manifestos and lead JMSU, representing all LJMU students to the University, right up to UK Government. 

Your President, Emily Roxbee Cox 



As President, I will be continuing to work to improve the student experience on a wider scale. Through the connections I have made, and knowledge gained throughout my previous term as VP Activities I here to lead the SU this year, getting straight into making an impact and implementing changes that will be important for the comeback! 

Here’s what I’ll be working on to support you:   


Transition Back to Campus 

The Student Experience should be the focus of everything we do. After the year+ of academic impact and lack of social experience, it must be right when we return to campus. I want to ensure assessments are fair and students are supported on their return, whilst building the LJMU student community, which is vital to those yet to fully experience campus life. 


We must get better at this! Student communications, from the SU and the University, should be student friendly! We need them to be clear, informative, and relevant. I will work with the comms team at LJMU and JMSU, who I have already built relationships with, to triangulate our messaging to students.   

The Student Life Building 

This year we are getting two new buildings (YAY!): already I have been involved in regular activities ensuring the students are the focus in the student life and sport buildings. I will continue to ensure this is largely used as a student space, with student focused hours and student led activities. 

Your VP Education, Charlotte Clayton-Hayes


Hi, I’m Charlotte. I have been actively involved with the SU since enrolling at LJMU, as a member of the pole society and feminist society, and NUS Delegate - enabling me to contribute to and magnify important issues raised by students on a national level. As your VP Education I am really passionate about creating equal opportunities and support for you, especially during this uncertain period for higher education. 

Here’s what I’ll be working on to support you:   
Student Employability

I will increase course-specific volunteer and internship opportunities - both short and long term - available to you as students, benefitting both the wider community and importantly our students' employability. 
Personal Circumstances

I will work alongside LJMU to raise awareness of invisible illnesses such as mental health and endometriosis. I intend to develop the extensions' process to create greater consideration towards these issues, making it easier for students to communicate their struggles without apprehension. 
Assessment Period and Burnout

I will develop a University wide policy to challenge burn-out culture, specifically during the assessment period, allowing students to enjoy term time breaks fully.  
My willingness to truly engage the student community makes me believe I am the best person to represent you, the students. I would work tirelessly to improve upon quality of Education, amplifying the student voice and making the learning process as easy and enjoyable as possible for every student at LJMU. 

Your VP Activities, Pedrom Tavakolli


Hi! I am Ped. I am an approachable, confident individual with the energy and passion to achieve our goals! Student views are the most important. I’ll always make sure that you and your voices are represented! 

Here’s what I’ll be working on to support you:   


Sports and Societies Recovery from Covid 

Getting back onto campus is the number one priority for next year! I will petition for us to be back on campus. As the Vice-Chair of Sports Forum and Vice-Captain of MMA, interacting with different groups of students has enabled me to understand what it takes to represent your student voice. We need face to face activity, especially to improve mental health, so I will make this a priority. Encouraging students to join student groups is vital to reduce loneliness and to gain the full student experience!   


I will endeavour to advance the inclusivity work started this year by the current VP Activities. I have shown my eagerness for this by inputting in the Equality Diversity Inclusion workshops, highlighting the importance of inclusion at the SU. Student groups are for everyone. No matter what age, ability, background, or gender. 

Make the Most of the New Student Life Building and Sports Hall 

The exciting new sports hall and student life building is our chance to make society presence a priority. We will make this an accessible space which I will make the hub of sports and societies where there will be events, pop up shops and space for promotion. 

Your VP Community & Wellbeing, Ambar Ennis


Hi, I’m Ambar! I want to create a solid foundation of support that you can depend on. As your previous Women’s Officer during the last two years I have developed the Free Period campaign, launched the Gynaecoloday campaign and have established relationships with LJMU that would be vital for this new role. I believe we need to extend support beyond campus and recognise the hardships students face. 


Here’s what I’ll be working on to support you:   


Establish a permanent internal foodbank 

COVID has caused lots of students to lose their jobs and to be harder hit with financial struggles. No student should be without food, cleaning products, toiletries and period products. I will create this foodbank for you. 

Transform immediate mental health support with a call line 

I will transform the immediate mental health support and establish an internal phone service. I will ensure nurses, parents and post-graduates, who are bearing a heavy burden of the pandemic, can access support with a quick turnaround and are not feeling forgotten. We should not be going through this alone. 

Promote gender equality within LJMU 

I will address the glass ceiling that exists for women across subjects. I will change University policy to fully incorporate trans students. I will ensure the safety of women and non-binary students against sexual harassment on campus and make sure your education is not compromised.