Your Ideas

JMSU is student-led so we always need you to tell us your ideas so that we can help to make your student experience at LJMU, a better one. We know that your needs and wants change year on year, so use Your Ideas to reflect the current issues you are facing and let us know what you care about and what you want to change. You can submit ideas at any part of your student experience, from things on campus, academic support, to opportunities you would like to see to improve your time at university.

What is Your Ideas?

Your Ideas is an online tool that allows you to submit an idea on any aspect of the student experience, allowing other students to vote for or against it with a simple thumbs up or down! Your peers can also comment to develop an idea. 



Why is it Important?

Your Ideas gives you the chance to use your voice to shape the work we do at JMSU and truly represent the things that matter to you! 


How Does it Work?

  • Submit your idea
  • Once it’s received, we’ll check it*, once we have, you’ll get an email and then it’ll go live!
  • Every idea will be live for 14 days meaning you have 14 days to promote your idea and get other students to like and comment on it.
  • At the end of the 14 days any idea that reaches 30+ votes a majority in favour will go forward to JMSU’s Executive Leadership Team (or the most relevant place) to be discussed about how to take the idea forward. Places that we may take your idea include: Focus Groups, Student Engagement Panel and Student Council. We will keep you informed every step of the way!
  • You’ll then be able to follow the progress of your idea under the tabs 'Failed Democratic Process', ‘Maybe One Day’,’ We Are Working On It’ and ‘We’ve Changed It’

*We will check all ideas to make sure there is nothing that could be deemed to be offensive.




Things to Consider

An effective idea should include 3 things:

  1. FACTS – What is the issue you are trying to solve? What do you already know about this issue
  2. IMPACTS – How does this issue impact on the student experience? Is it negative?
  3. REACTS – What would you like JMSU to do to fix this issue? How do we need to take this forward?

Things to Check

  • Has an idea like yours has been posted already if it has don’t repeat an idea but instead you could like it or/and comment on the existing idea.
  • Is there an idea like yours that is already being worked on? This might mean you do not submit this idea but could spark others – remember you can submit as many ideas as you like!
  • Has an idea like yours been rejected? It might mean slightly changing your post or it might give an insight into how students feel on this topic.


Ideas come in all shapes and sizes! You might have an idea that could be a quick fix that might only need a line or two. Or you could have an idea that could shape into a large campaign that could require a lot more information for students and JMSU to consider.



If you want to discuss your idea before/during the process then please contact: