The Growing Project

Welcome to The Growing Project!

Thanks to a successful funding bid from Liverpool City Region's Community Environment Fund, we are developing three growing sites across the city!


Kensington Fields Community Centre:

Kensington Fields is our main site, with a focus on growing fruit and veg for the whole community to grow and enjoy together. There will be a composting facility, with lots of opportunities to learn about growing and harvesting food! We meet at the site every Wednesday at 1pm for weeding, watering, and maintaining the plants - everyone is welcome!


Henry Cotton Building:

This small space will have a focus on wilding and pollination, so lots of bee-loving wildflowers and plenty of colour to brighten up the space! Bees are so vitally important to our ecosystem and crop growth, so it is just as important for us to provide spaces for them to access pollen in an increasingly industrial city. We will have 4 planters installed over summer and will need your help every week to maintain them! 

Student Life Building:

The brand new development on Copperas Hill is the home of JMSU, and the home of our third site, which has a primary focus on wellbeing. Being close to nature is amazing for mental wellbeing, and this garden will feature lots of sensory herbs and flowers with calming effects. You will find this site right outside the cafe, so we will be working closely with the LJMU catering team 


To get involved in any of the growing sites, just email

We can't wait to have you involved!

Thank you so much to the Liverpool City Region and to LJMU for supporting this project and enabling us to make a wonderful positive impact on our environment.