Our student staff working for you


What we do

We are a team of LJMU students employed by JMSU, with the aim of making the experience of being a student in Liverpool safer, happier, and more valuable.

You will see us all over campus, in your local community, and at JMSU events - if you need anything, you can find us in our 'ASK YOUR SU' hoodies!

Our job is to:

  • Campaign on topics we believe are important to you
  • Talk to you about any issues you may be facing at university or in your accommodation
  • Make sure you are informed on local, national, and LiverpoolSU events
  • Ensure that your safety remains at the top of the agenda with the university, your landlords and local residents
  • Assist with general enquiries and advice.

Each month we will be keeping you up to date on what we are up to, and how you can get involved! Follow our Outreach Blog here.

Introduce yourself

We would love to hear from you, whether its campaign suggestions or any issues regarding living situations/neighbours/housemates etc. get in touch at outreachreps@ljmu.ac.uk, follow us on Twitter or like the LiverpoolSU Facebook page.