Freshers is just around the corner! Are you ready?

There's so much to be excited about in your first few weeks - you'll meet your new flatmates if you're moving in to halls (our SU Welcome Reps will be there to help with your bags!), you'll meet your new course mates, get to know your university buildings and of course - get to know one of the best cities to be a student in the country. 

We've created a jam-packed calendar of events to help you settle in to Liverpool, see some of its incredible venues and of course, meet loads of other students. 


There are events on every day from Thursday 13th September until the end of the month. We've made sure there is absolutely something for everyone to enjoy - from a Disney quiz night, to a visit to the wonderful Cat Café, a walking tour around the city's most picturesque spots, a trip to IKEA to pick up any last essential items, a Sunrise Festival, Ghetto Golf, a bespoke pampering event with Lush Spa and LOADS more... 

View and book on to our events here.


Put Wednesday 26th September in your calendar now... From 10am-5pm, we'll be at the Echo Arena on the Albert Dock welcoming thousands of you for a day of meeting our 100+ student groups, getting more freebies that you can physically carry from hundreds of Liverpool businesses, and finding out any essential information you might need.

There will be free Domino's pizza. Don't miss out!

There will be free shuttle buses going reguarly from every campus location - or it's a scenic ten minute walk from the town centre. 


We've got a week of phenomenal club nights lined up for you to kick off Freshers. Starting on Saturday 15th September, it's 7 nights of incredible club nights in the city's most popular clubs, featuring Basshunter in Liverpool's Super Club Level, a Zoo party in the buzzing Concert Square, a Techno, Hip Hop and RnB night at the famous Heebie Jeebies and so much more. 

Wristbands are on sale now - get one before they sell out! 

 Wristbands will guarantee you: 

✔️ Guaranteed Entry at EVERY event of Freshers

✔️ QUEUE JUMP at EVERY event of Freshers including Liverpool’s Biggest Weekly Events

✔️ Save £££ on Entry Fees

✔️ Ensure you join 4000 other students at the ONLY University Affiliated Freshers Programme!


And for the Freshers finale... We have teamed up with iconic student dance night Medication to bring you a huge noughties themed closing party at Electrik Warehouse! Expect an unforgettable night of nostalgia with the very best dance anthems, cheesy pop, guilty pleasures, indie rock and hip hop from the decade.

Discounted drinks, freebies, inflatables, glow sticks and prizes for the best dressed noughties outfits. 

Grab a ticket here.


If you have any questions at all about anything to do with student life or Liverpool in general, just ask us - it's what we're here for!