International Students - Covid-19 Guidance

JMSU is aware that international students are understandably concerned about the coronavirus and the potential impact on their academic and personal lives in the UK.  JMSU and LJMU are currently following the latest advice for the UK from the Public Health England (PHE), the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO), and the World Health Organisation (WHO).


As the situation develops, we will continue to update our webpages so keep checking our website and social media pages for the latest advice and guidance. 


LJMU has released some important guidance for International Students (available here).


Tier 4 Visa sponsorship

There have been important updates regarding Tier 4 sponsorship. The Home Office Advice for Tier 4 sponsors here outlines that sponsors will not be required to withdraw sponsorship of a Tier 4 student should they be absent due to Covid-19 related issues. This includes absences due to illness, their need to isolate or inability to travel due to travel restrictions.


Tier 4 students are therefore permitted to return home and engage in their uni work through distance learning. It is, however, still unclear whether they are permitted to travel back to the UK in 60 days. More information concerning Tier 4 sponsorship available here.



Accommodation Questions

LJMU Accommodation have released an important update (27th March) on their Coronavirus Frequently Asked Questions page - available here


14th April - Accommodation update: If you were unable to leave the UK, chances are that your contract for accommodation will expire soon. The Government has issued guidance stating that students living in a hall of residence should be allowed to remain, or the accommodation provider should work with its local authority to find alternative residence for students. The Government guidance states that no students should be made homeless and makes special reference to international students (see 'For those with no alternative residence').


If you live in private accommodation, and you are finding yourself in financial hardship, JMSU Officers have worked with Officers at other universities across Liverpool, to ensure that local authorities and landlords help those in difficulties to ensure that you are not left alone.

The Government has also published an important document in support of landlords and the private sector. Landlords are now required to give at least three months’ notice if they require you to leave the property. You should continue to pay rent, however, we understand that it may not be always possible. If this is the case, we encourage you to get in touch with your landlord. This also provides helpful tips if you would like to write to your landlord and discuss rent options further.



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