Faculty Reps FAQ

What do Faculty Reps do?

Faculty Reps are student volunteers that represent all students at Faculty-level meetings. These meetings are called Faculty Education Committee. They work with Sabbatical Officers, Course Reps, and relevant LJMU and JMSU staff to accurately report students praises, concerns and achievements. They regularly check feedback on Digital Rep and help Course Reps throughout their journey as well. They work to ensure that no student is left behind and all students have continous access to a fair and democratic higher education system.

Do Faculty Reps attend training?

Yes. Faculty Reps must attend an induction training delivered by JMSU. They will also have access to CPD opportunities and staff members that support them throughout their journey. They also meet with relevant Associate Deans of Education to help them throughout their role!

How do I contact my Faculty Rep?

You can send them an email and explore your issues or questions with them. Alternatively, contact coursereps@ljmu.ac.uk and we will do our best to schedule 1:1.

What aspects of the student experience Faculty Reps deal with?

Faculty Reps work to ensure that you have the best shot in your higher education journey and achieve academic success. They focus on matters that matter to you! So, if something doesn't work as you think it should, leave a comment on Digital Rep. At the same time, if something is amazing, leave a comment as well. The more you communicate with Reps and Faculty Reps, the better chances you have at a succesful university experience. However, Faculty Reps cannot offer advice on personal matters such as Accomodation, Finances, Visas, or personal wellbeing. If you need help with that, you can send an email to Advice. 

How do i know what my Faculty Rep is doing to help me throughout my university experience?

If you are a Course Rep, you will receive a monthly newsleter the last Thursday of the month. It will contain relevant information about what your Faculty Reps are doing. We will also send out important information through the all-student Newsletter, as well as upload information here. 

I want to become a Faculty Rep. What do i do?

We start recruitment of Faculty Reps at the beginning of the academic year. If you are interested in becoming a Faculty Rep, you can check back around August-September to find out more. You do not necessarily need experience as a Course Rep to apply for the role ;)