Contract: Fixed-term, twelve-month contract, starting from 1st July 2021. The position can be taken either as a sabbatical (taking a year out from your course) or as a graduate role (starting after you finish your final year). They are 12-month posts but you can re-run for a second year if you choose. 

JMSU is offering for this post: 

  • A salary of £18,595 per annum  

  • Annualised hours based on a 35-hour week 

  • Flexible working – remote and home working will be considered subject to business demands 

  • A 6% employer contribution to a pension scheme (NEST) 

  • 40 days annual leave  

  • Full training and professional development opportunities to succeed in every area of the role 

Summary of the role: 

The President is responsible for our strategies, public profile and communication with LJMU leaders and outside organisations. The President is a member of the University’s Board of Governors and Campaigner-in-Chief for all our aims and take a lead role in representing LJMU students both locally and nationally. They make sure that students are heard when important, strategic decisions are being made by the university that might affect LJMU students. The President is a Student Governor on the University Board of Governors, where they are a full voting member on all decisions that create real and positive change for students. 

General responsibilities

  • Set the strategic direction of JMSU and identify what priorities staff should work on to improve the lives of students. 

  • Work with the Chief Executive Officer to ensure SU staff are supported and working on SU objectives. 

  • Spend time talking to students, finding out what their issues are and letting them know what officers are working on. 

  • Oversee, review and develop the democratic processes of JMSU. 

  • Work to maintain and develop contacts with other organisations and Students’ Unions. 

  • Represent students to the University on relevant issues, including sitting on the relevant committees of the University. 

  • Sit on student appeal and disciplinary panels, to provide a student voice, as appropriate. 

  • Work with NUS to represent students nationally and support any national campaigns to improve students’ lives. 

  • Will often be required to speak on behalf of students to the University, external organisations or the media. 

  • Present to students at various events e.g. during welcome week to welcome new students to the University. 

Specific responsibilities

  • Chair JMSU’s Board of Trustees, ensuring trustees individually and collectively meet their key responsibilities and receive the training and support to do so. 

  • Deliver JMSU’s speeches at LJMU Graduation events. 

  • Be the principal channel of communication and external representative for JMSU both locally and nationally. 

  • Be a delegate and delegation leader to the National Union of Students Annual Conference. 

This job description is not an exhaustive list of duties but is intended to reflect a range of duties the post-holder will perform. 


While there is no strict criteria and all LJMU students are eligible to nominate themselves to be an Officer below are some important qualities for Student Officers: 

  • Passionate about student issues 

  • Approachable and engaging 

  • Have a positive attitude 

  • Comfortable talking to students 

  • Want to support the work of JMSU 

Skill development 
Student Officers will develop the following skills: 

  • Leadership 

  • Communication 

  • Organisational Skills 

  • Listening and Interpersonal Skills 

  • Lobbying 

  • Team Work 

  • Project Planning 

How to apply: 
To nominate yourself to be a candidate, you must submit an application through This is the only way to submit an application. You will need to log in to your account using your LJMU credentials, hover over your name in the top right hand corner of the screen and on the drop down click “Your Account/ Profile.” Then click on “My Nominations” on the menu on the left hand side. You will see the Student Officer Election listed, and the positions available. Click on the position you are interested in and click 'Submit'. Here you can see how long you have to submit your nomination, the responsibilities of the position you are nominating yourself for and additional information from us as well as the space to submit your nomination. 

Who to contact: The Elections Team   

Thank you for your interest in leading JMSU and good luck with your nomination!