Environmenstrual is a campaign led by Emma who is one of our Sustainability Champions here at JMSU. She has worked alongside our Women's Officer, and the Women's Student Network to develop period positivity, free periods, and most importantly environmentally friendly period awareness at LJMU. This campaign highlights statistics around period waste and the positive impact reusable and sustainable products can have not only on the environment but on our bodies too. We have included some of the campaign posters below but do lookout for more as well as free period products in toilets on campus - to find out more about free periods at JMSU please click here

The campaign has seen numerous events already including a workshop on making reusable period pads and an Environmenstrual panel event where an array of speakers came together to discuss the environmental impact, accessibility and stigma surrounding reusable period products. At this event, the panelist came up with some tips which can be seen below. 


Environmenstral was launched 2020/21 by Emma Wood (Sustainable Champion) with Ambar Ennis (Women's Officer).