Celebrating Equality


In 2018 JMSU introduced a new role to help champion minority groups of students at LJMU. Known then as Equality Rep, six students represented underrepresented areas: LGBT, Trans and Non-binary, International, Women, Disabled and BAME. These students alongside their studies and other commitments achieved incredible things for LJMU students and their minority groups.


Following this success in 2019, these roles were developed into Part-Time Officers with an addition to the team with the Postgraduate Students Officer. Once again, this team of students has achieved so much for their communities, they have lobbied for change to make the student experience better for their minority groups. When COIVD struck, the Part-Time Officers were still there championing for change for their communities and offering support for students.


This year 2020 we are excited to be adding another role to the team with the Multi-Faith Officer. We know this team of eight students will continue to champion for change for their communities and celebrate equality at LJMU. This year’s cohort will be taking on new challenges as COVID continues to impact on the student experience, they will be leading the way in representing the issues that face their minority groups by chairing our up-coming Student Networks.


We are so proud of what all our Equality Reps and Part-Time Officers have achieved since 2018, here are just SOME of the many wonderful things they have done!

  • Raised awareness for all minority groups
  • Designed and delivered training to raise awareness of issues that students experience.
  • Worked with the IT and registry services to address name changes for trans students. So they will update preferred names and genders in student records, which will include your student card, email address, etc.
  • Worked with LJMU Estates to develop, design and implement gender neutral toilet signs across campus.
  • Sat and represented students at LJMU meetings including with Student Advice and Wellbeing.
  • Highlighted LGBT figures across campus during LGBT History Month.
  • Delivered sessions at the Teaching Learning Conference for LJMU staff to help embed awareness and respect across the university for the student communities.
  • Worked with LJMU Estates team to help promote inclusivity in LJMU spaces by displaying more visuals of aspirational figures and diverse alumni across campus throughout the year.
  • Planned and ran so many events from BAME Career talks to Black History Month to Festive Period Events – there has been so many things happen through the years and are now happening on Zoom!
  • Been an active member in developing the No Detriment Policy at LJMU.
  • Developing and impacting on policy at JMSU and LJMU.
  • Developed a more diverse food range with LJMU Catering.
  • Supported students and listen to their experiences to be able to make change for others.

To contact one of our Part-Time Officers please click here.

If this sounds like something you want to be involved with why not nominate yourself for the role – to find out how to do so click here. Or read the full role description here