Since the pandemic began in March 2020 JMSU have been working with our local Students’ Unions at Hope and The Liverpool Guild, in addition to supporting national campaigns via the National Union of Students.  There is still much work to be done and we think that Government intervention is key to this.  We want to give you an update of our Accommodation Campaign work since the beginning of the most recent lockdown in January 2021. 

Letter to national government with support from all Liverpool students’ unions 

Earlier in January, 2021 our full-time officers have sent a collaborative letter to national government demanding financial compensation and rent rebates due to the pandemic.  We have asked government to: 

  • Develop and publish a clear strategy to recompense those affected through tuition fee refunds  

  • Provide rent rebates without penalty   

  • Provide a comprehensive student support package, ensuring no student is financially impacted as a direct result of this pandemic.  

Letter to Purpose-Built Student Accommodation Providers 

Many LJMU students live in Purpose-Built Student Accommodation and we have communicated with these providers via various channels to advocate on your behalf. 

We are calling on all PBSA providers in the city to voluntarily enact five measures outlined below:  

  1. Allow students to be released from tenancy contracts if they wish so, without financial penalties.  

  1. Refund 100% of rent for the weeks during the 3rd national lockdown in which students have been advised to not return to the city and be on campus, in line with national government guidance.  

  1. Commit to not charging rent for students who are not occupying rooms.  

  1. Refund the rent paid by students that never moved into their accommodation.  

  1. Refund the rent for the weeks during the travel window before Christmas when students were planning to travel home were legally obliged to leave their student accommodations early.  

You can read our full letter here:  


Where can I access Housing Advice? 

While JMSU does not have specialist housing advisors LJMU students can access housing support via Liverpool Student Homes. If you have questions regarding your contract or feel as though your landlord is treating you unfairly and is not prepared to be flexible or engage in discussions with you, it is important that you contact Liverpool Student Homes who will be able to act and support you. 

Access Liverpool Student Homes advice:  


Which Accommodation Providers are currently providing discounts or rent refunds? 

Access up to date information here  


Updates from Liverpool Student Homes 28th Jan, 2021 

Accommodation provider 

Changes to contract terms 2021 


50% discount on rent for 4 weeks (18 January - 8 March) for students unable to return to site. Students can also stay for an extra 4 weeks in the summer 

Student Roost 

Up to 6 weeks rent discount for students currently unable to return to site (must apply by Monday 25 January) 

L1 Lettings 

Considering requests on a case-by-case basis 

Norford Developments 

Considering requests on a case-by-case basis 

iQ Student 

6 week rent free period from 5 January - 15 February for students currently unable to return to site 

Gather Students 

50% discount on rent for 6 weeks (4 January - 15 Februray) for students currently unable to return to site (must apply by 20 January) 

Hello Student 

Have contacted current tenants to assess their individual needs, considering requests on a case-by-case basis. Package of financial support in place to assist students for a period of at least 12 weeks throughout Spring term 

The Student Housing Company 

50% discount on rent for a 6 week period for students currently unable to return to site (must apply by 31 January). Rent will be discounted from the last rent payment