Rewards and Recognition


We believe that it is important to celebrate your accomplishments and achievements. Throughout the year, we will host events to thank all of our reps and student leaders and show you our support for the amazing work you are doing. 

How we will celebrate you (with you)

MONTHLY SHOUT OUTS: We will not let your accomplishments go unnoticed. Every month we will post on our social media a summary of your greatest accomplishments!

COURSE REP OF THE MONTH: Every month we will announce the Course Rep of the month! The winner will be selected based on success stories, what you put in the Course Rep Journal (more about the Course Rep Journal soon) and the shout outs you may receive from your fellow classmates and lecturers| (prizes and vouchers will be sent out to the winner)

(YOU'RE) AMAZING TEACHING AWARDS: This Awards event aims at celebrating the work LJMU Staff and Lecturers do to ensure you have the best experience at Uni. We believe Course Rep play a vital role in ensuring that student voice is heard and acted upon, so we have specific Awards for them! Find out here the winners from last year's event!

But this is not all! We have a calendar of events for you with dates to catch up with your Officers and Faculty Reps, chances to meet other Course Reps. Please, check back for more!