Your 2020 Winners!


Officers' Awards

President Award:  

Valerie Stevenson (Library Services)

Vice Preseident (Academic Quality) Award:  

Clare Milsom (Academic Registry)

Vice Preseident (Activities) Award:

Ian Gould-Jones (Teaching and Learning Academy)

Vice President (Community and Engagement) Award:

Mark Nevitt (Estates and Facilities Management)

Attack the Gap:

Atif Waraich (School of Computer Science)

Women in Leadership:

Rachel Stalker

Amazing Course Reps:

Steve Stroud (Engineering and Technology)

Sophie Durrands (Business and Law)

Megan Sherman (Arts, Professional, and Social Studies)

Chloe Singleton (Science)

Mike Johnson (Health)

Extra Mile:

Jane Rooney (School of Nursing and Allied Health)

Alumni Award:

Katie Barnes (School of Nursing and Allied Health)

Student Facing Star:

Abbie Romano (PGR, School of Built Environment)

Amazing Feedback and Support:

Paul Greenhall (School of Nursing and Allied Health)

Amazing Post-Graduate Support:

Deborah Humphreys (School of Leadership and Organisational Management)

Amazing Course Team:

Criminology (School of Justice, Arts, Professional, and Social Studies)

Amazing Personal Tutor:

Janet Williams (School of Nursied and Allied Health)

Amazing Teacher:

Mahnaz Siddiqui (School of Education)