Putting yourself forwards:

You can put yourself forwards to be an NUS Delegate from 9am on Monday 16th September until Thursday 10 October at 5pm. 

Please note - if you try to sign in to submit your nomination and you are told you do not have an account, you will need to opt in to sharing your data with the Students' Union. You can do this by going in to your LJMU account and update your status in "manage settings". Do this here. 

  • Sign in to our website (use your ljmu username@ljmu.ac.uk and your ljmu password).
  • Hover over your name in the top right hand corner, and click "My account/profile".
  • Then click on "My nominations" in the left hand menu and click submit on NUS Delegate Elections.
  • On the nomination form you’ll need to confirm your name and upload a photo. You can then add a slogan of up to 6 words as your title and write your manifesto underneath. Here you can explain why you’re running and how you intend on representing LJMU students. Your manifesto has a word limit of 100 words. 


Your Manifesto

You will need to explain why you should be elected. What issues are important to you as a student? What relevant experience do you have? 

Try to make your manifesto as clear, accessible and interesting to read as possible - it is the main thing that students will use to decide who to vote for. 

Voting and campaigning: 

You’ll need to get other LJMU students to vote for you during the voting period, which will run from 9am on Tuesday 15th October until Thursday 17th October at 2pm.

Read our top tips on how to run a successful campaign.

We're here to help you every step of the way. If you have any questions or want any help with the process, please get in contact