Hate Crime Support Service



At JMSU we take Hate crime and Hate incidents very seriously.


We will support and help you report your Hate Crime or Hate Incident

to Stop Hate UK in a secure and confidential space.


What is a hate crime?

If you are victim of a crime because of your race, religion, disability, sexual orientation

 or transgender identity, then you are victim of a hate crime. You may also be victim of

a hate incident - which is not necessarily a criminal offence. Or you may know someone

ho is victim of a hate crime or hate incident. 


How to report a Hate Crime?

No-one should have to put up with hate whilst they’re studying at LJMU, but if you do

then the Hate Crime Support Service is here to help you. 



JMSU is proud to be a 3rd party reporting centre for Hate Crime. We have two

advisers who are available to help you to discuss hate crimes or incidents which have

happened to you, or you have witnessed happen to other people.We can help you 

access the correct services which can support you, and we can also help you to report

the incidents if you want to do so.


Book an appointment with an adviser

Call: 0151 231 4900  Email: reporthate@ljmu.ac.uk.


Directly through Stop Hate UK

You can visit StopHateUK's website here or call them directly on 0800 138 1625.  


If you need to talk about any other welfare issues then Student Advice and Wellbeing

are available to help. They have advisers specialising in areas from disability advice

to finance and counselling.

You can find their contact details on the following linkhere


You can watch X-Factor star Marcus Collins pledging his support here.