Student Group FAQ’s  

We understand you may have questions relating to sports, societies, and our services. We will try to address these as we populate a FAQs section below. We will continue to update this page as frequently as we can.  

- Updated 1st April 2021 -


Our roadmap to restarting in-person Activity for students.

We are excited to share, that after weeks of review meetings and planning we are piloting the return of activity. Many of you will have accessed the online student group over the past twelve months and we have learned so much! So, we are committed to continuing this approach, whilst complementing our in-person delivery developing the accessible environment created this year.  


The journey to restarting activity has additional responsibilities, particularly considering the COVID secure procedures and protocols. Below is the phased return to activity, following key dates outlined below and aligned to the latest Government guidelines and LJMU guidelines. 


Here are our JMSU proposed roadmap dates:


12th April*

26th April

17th May*

Pilot return of two organised outdoor sport and physical activities


JMSU will review on a case-by-case the return of activity on a weekly basis.


Social meetings outdoors under the rule of 6 (2 households only)

Reopening of indoor Sports Facilities (including the gym) - For use by individuals and household bubbles only (Please note this is being explored with IM Marsh)



Social meetings outdoors under the rule of 6 (2 households only)

Organised indoor and outdoor sport and physical activity returns (Please note due to facility availability and closure of IM Marsh, activity may not be able to continue beyond 17th May)


Social meetings outdoors under the rule of 30.

*These are the earliest dates and will depend upon Government criteria remaining on track. 


JMSU is working with student groups on the return and is considering re-introduction on a case-by-case basis. As you can understand with the additional COVID secure protocols and procedures in place it will take time to return activity within a tight timeframe. Please speak to your student group committee in the first instance on the current return status or email


A reminder that all face-2 face activities organised by your sport or society must be agreed upon by JMSU beforehand.


If you want to know more about the current guidelines and what that means for you as a student, then check out Emily’s guidance.