Coronavirus Safety

Your health, wellbeing and safety is paramount to everything that we do at JMSU.

Alongside LJMU, we're working hard to look after the wellbeing of our students and staff.  When you come to LJMU, (or return) things will look a little different than normal, but our aim is to make this academic year as normal as possible for all students. 

LJMU has developed a microsite, called 'Moving Forward Together', designed to show you how the campus is safe and secure, detailing what measures we're all taking to prevent spreads of COVID-19 on and off-campus, and specific advice for staff and students.

At JMSU, we continue to advocate regular handwashing and good hand hygiene. LJMU has also installed extra hand sanitising points across the campus.

Check out LJMU's handy video on how we've all responded to the coronavirus outbreak, and what to expect when you arrive on campus.