LGBTQA+ Student Network


The LGBTQA+ Student Network is designed to bring together students who self-define as LGBTQA+ that are studying at LJMU. It is chaired by the LGBTQA+ Students’ Part-Time Officer. Join the community on Facebook here


The LGBTQA+ Student Network is designed to represent all student members who self-define as Lesbian, Gay, Bi and/or Trans, Undecided/Questioning or Queer, or who self-define as any other marginalised romantic/sexual orientation or gender identity (including but not limited to Asexual, Pansexual, Bigender, and Genderqueer), or who choose not to define their romantic/sexual orientation or gender identity.


The LGBTQA+ umbrella is broad, and each constituent part is an integral and unique part of our community to be supported and celebrated. With that in mind, we emphasise our support for the Trans and Non-Binary Student Network’s community and recognise our place in amplifying their work and empowering their voices through close collaboration.


Alongside the other Student Networks, we all agree that it is our responsibility to promote greater intersectionality and inclusivity of students, including but not limited to faith, disability, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation and race.


The main three functions of the LGBTQA+ Student Network:

  1. To host events and activities for LGBTQA+ students in a safe and accessible way.
  2. To develop and run campaigns to improve the LGBTQA+ student experience at LJMU.
  3. To signpost students to the various welfare and outreach programmes available at JMSU, LJMU and wider Liverpool area.



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