Training and Resources

Here you can find the training!

The recorded version of the training will be available online soon! No worries

Here a new set of dates for Semester 2!

Monday, January 18th 4:30-6pm

Thursday, January 28th 4:30-6pm

Thursday, February 4th 4:30-6pm


If you are not able to attend one of our live training session we have an online version:

Online Training - Click here


Returning Reps: you are not required to watch it, but it is a good video to review parts and elements you are unsure of. You can skip through the video and go to the part you need watching!


Do not forget! After watching the video, please complete this Knowledge Check!



Additional Training Opportunities 

Throughout the year we will host additional training sessions to help you strengthen your skills, confidence and knowledge as a student leader. 


So feel free to sign up for the sessions you are interested in:

  • Public Speaking
  • Make Change Happen
  • Volunteer Training
  • EDI Training
  • Committee Training

All sessions will be student-led and there will be a relevant member of staff or student to facilitate discussion. Once you attended the session, you can put it on Linkedin/your CV. If you are a rep, you can log in in your rep handbook. More info about dates and time coming soon!


Don’t see a session you are looking for/might be interested in? Get in touch with us, and we can see what we can do! 


Coffee Cake and Change Things

Coffee Cake and Change Things is a series of events for Course Reps and Faculty Reps to get together and discuss matters that are important for you. As Reps it would be great to attend them as you will have the change to share ideas, and get to know other Reps! We hold these series on a bi-monthly basis. Next series is


January 20th, 4:30-5:15. - Term 2: What is going on? 

We will discuss how things are going this semester, what other Reps have been doing, and you will have the opportunity to ask questions to your VP Academic Quality. To register, click here