Nominations are accepted in the following categories


Amazing Rep (1 per faculty)

Students are encouraged to nominate a course rep who:

  • Actively gathers student feedback

  • Achieves demonstrable impacts for students

  • Regularly consults with course mates

  • Enables the programme team and JMSU to understand the student experience and therefore improve it

  • Provides regular feedback on updates or issues raised to course mates

  • Approachable and accessible

Amazing Teacher

Students are encouraged to nominate a teacher who

  • Explains things well

  • Makes you feel like a valued member of the class 

  • Listens and adapts to student needs and feedback

  • Demonstrates exceptional knowledge and understanding of their subject area

  • Shows enthusiasm for their subject area

Amazing Personal Tutor

Students are encouraged to nominate someone who:

  • Understands the concerns and pressures that LJMU students face at University

  • Is knowledgeable about the support services and welfare provisions that they can signpost you to

  • Cares about your personal wellbeing

  • Fosters a positive environment when you talk to them and encourages you to be the best you can

Amazing Course Team

Students are encouraged to nominate a course team who:

  • Works well together to provide a consistent experience
  • Demonstrates genuine passion for the student experience
  • Works with students as participants and active learners
  • Shows outstanding organisation and management of the course
  • Adopts innovative teaching methods and makes learning engaging 
  • Communicates effectively with students and course reps

Amazing Feedback

Students are encouraged to nominate someone who:

  • Provides constructive and relevant feedback in a timely manner

  • Provides comments to help you build on previous success to make future improvements

  • Is approachable and responsive to students

  • Uses innovative methods in communicating and delivering feedback

  • Encourages your continuing academic development

Amazing Student Facing Star

Students are encouraged to nominate non-academic staff who:

  • Makes a meaningful impact on students' life and their learning experience
  • Is passionate and dedicated to supporting and improving the student experience
  • Is committed to student success

Amazing Post-Graduate Support

Postgraduate students are encouraged to nominate a member of staff who:

  • Is passionate and knowledgeable about their subject

  • Positively challenges and inspires postgraduate students throughout their academic journey

  • Is aware of the challenges postgraduate students may encounter during the academic year and is willing to provide pastoral support

  • Offers constructive employment and career advice

  • Considers you their intellectual equal

Each year, there are bespoke categories to recognise the work and impact of LJMU staff and students that made an outstanding contribution in the following categories:

Attack the gap

Women in leadership

Alumni Award

Officers Awards