University Rights


JMSU are an independent, impartial service here for you throughout your time at LJMU. We provided support and advice to over 1000 students last academic year, but not all students know we’re here. So, JMSU have provided a quick stop guide to your university rights.


If you fail a piece of work upon the 1st attempt you will be offered a 2nd attempt at this during the July referral period. This would be capped at the pass rate.

Deferrals and personal circumstances policy

If your performance has been adversely effected due to severe and uncontrollable factors in close proximity to an assessment, you can submit a personal circumstances claim to request a deferral of the work.

If accepted, your work will be deferred (uncapped) to the next opportunity. If not accepted, you may be offered a referral in this.

Academic appeals

Students have the right to appeal if they feel there has been an error in the assessment process which has impacted on their marks. This must be submitted within 10 working days of formal notification.

Student complaints

If you are unhappy with treatment or a service provided by the university, there is a complaints procedure that you can utilise to raise the issue(s).

Right to seek impartial advice and representation

As an LJMU student you have the right to seek impartial advice and representation at panels and meetings. For example; academic misconduct panels, fitness to practice panels or disciplinary meetings.

Academic misconduct panels

If you have been accused of academic misconduct and have to attend a panel for this, you have the right to take a ‘friend’ for support. You have the option to take a JMSU advisor with you in the capacity of a friend.

Academic support

In addition to support provided by your tutors, you can access a range of study skills sessions through the library service.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

JMSU is based in John Foster Building on Mount Pleasant Campus. If you need advice, you can book an appointment with one of our professionally trained advisors by visiting or contacting us at | 0151 231 4900