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About Our Group

The Catholic Society is a place where everyone is welcome, whether they are already Catholic or are just interested, and where students are supported and support each other in their faith.


CathSoc offers opportunities not only to deepen and explore the Catholic faith (Alpha course, student-led prayers, etc.), but also to socialise with people who share the same faith or the desire to know more about the Catholic Church.


We also organize regular social events (BBQs, pancake nights, trips to the pub, etc.) and opportunities to engage in the community, like helping out at the Seel Street Soup Kitchen.

Key Information

Mass is on every Sunday at 6pm at the St. Philip Neri Church (Catharine Street) with tea and coffee afterwards. For more events and activities, check out our website (  or join our Facebook group (

Why You Should Join Us?

We are friendly and welcoming to all, making sure everyone is supported.


It doesn’t matter whether you already are Catholic or you are just interested in the Catholic faith, just come to Mass on Sunday or to one of our events and you will find tea, coffee and somebody to have a chat with.

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