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About Our Group

Book society: A group for people to meet and discuss books that other members of the book society have read.

The Book Society is a relaxed, social group who all have one shared common interest, books. We formed three years ago and still evolving, we meet, formally, once a week for discussions, quiz’s, talks and other events. Afterwards we generally go to a pub or café for a drink.

The occasional book or topic will be decided by and then discussed when by anyone who has read it. It doesn't matter if you only got 5 pages in before wanting to burn it, or if you missed lectures through being absorbed, we want to hear everyone's differing opinions! Some meetings will simply be a chance for everyone to talk about exactly what they want. No genre or idea is deemed to low or high-brow!

We're also hoping to start a book swap and have authors come in to discuss their works! Other activities that have been organised by the Book Society include ice-skating, cinema trips, meals, jazz nights, theatre performances and drinks! In the past we have done quiz’s and events with other societies and we hope to emulate this again for this year.

If you're an 18 year old 1st year English student or doing your Masters in Sports Science, we will welcome you with open-arms. We are open to all!

Key Information

Meeting Dates & Times: 

Wednesdays, 5pm-8:45pm - John Foster Building, Room 209.

If you're interested in getting involved then please contact the society presidents, Alex Robinson or Roger Williamson, via the contact information below.

Why You Should Join Us?

We are a friendly, social society who try and ensure every member, old or new, gets given a warm welcome. Every Thursday we meet, we talk and discuss books and life! It doesn't matter if you have only a passing interest in books or NEED to discuss why the latest Stephen King was a pile of poop, there is a space for you! If you come on your own, don't worry, you will find a friendly soul who will undoubtedly share many of your interests! If you come in a group, the more the merrier!

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