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About Our Club/Society


The LJMU Biomedical Science Society is a welcoming environment, exclusively for biomedical science students from years one, two or three. It will be a society in which people can engage in the subject in which they are passionate about and we will have socials to encourage this. We will put on meetings/ events in which we can all talk about the more recent findings or general subject, also it can be held for revision purposes, nearer the exam season.


Key Information (When, when and how often you are meeting)


We are thinking of holding socials/meetings every two to three weeks, preferably when the majority of the members are free.


Why you Should Join Us?


You should join the society because we are highly welcoming and the society has a great atmosphere. This society will hopefully allow students to talk to people they may not have spoken too before and make new friends. It allows the students to communicate with other students about any issues they may be having with the course or even outside of university, giving them a support system. The society has an aim to make our course as enjoyable as possible, allowing us to all interact and be able to talk about biomedical science and not just sit next to each other in lectures and tutorials together.


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Registered Charity Number: 114 2741