Running an Event

Running and going to student-led events can be one of the best parts about being part of a student group. We're here to help you consider all of the different aspects to your event to ensure it is successful. Most importantly though, as a student group affiliated with JMSU, we need to ensure that your event is safe and accessable for all members of your group. 


What we need from you for your event:

- Notice Period - For a small scale, low cost event (non-drinking activities, taster sessions, themed events) we will need at least 3 weeks notice. For large scale, high cost events (end of year Ball) we will need at least 6 weeks notice.  

- Risk assessments - We will need you to support us with completing the necessary risk assessments.

- Confirmation of how you are funding your event - Do you have sufficient funds in your student group account to run this event, or do you need to do ticket sales, apply for money from the grant pot and/or do fundraising activity to raise money for the event?

- If the venue is external - We will need copies of the venue's risk assessment and public liability insurance. If you are hiring in third party companies (e.g. DJ), then we will require copies of their Public Liabilty Insurance and a Portable Applliance Test (PAT) certificate if they are plugging in any equipment at the venue.

If you are signing a contract as part of the hiring venue, we will need to approve this request as students are unable to sign off on these bookings.


What to consider when planning your event 

  • What are you doing and where and when are you planning to do it?
  • Have you given yourselves and the Activities Team enough notice for planning this event?
  • Have you done an expression of interest poll to see how many people can attend this event?
  • Does the event need to be hosted at an external venue or can you host it using an LJMU site?
  • If you are using an external venue, have you looked at a number of different venues to find the best deal? (You can get some venues for free or at a discounted rate, so shop around!)
  • Are you using any external companies alongside the venue hire? (i.e. photographer, photo booth, DJ/entertainment)
  • Have you created a budget plan showing the expenditure and estimated income?

If you need any further support regarding events, then please contact


Useful resources 

Event Form – Groups that have been given money from the grant pot to support their event costs do not need to fill this form in, provided that all the event details were detailed in their grant application.

Event Budget – This will help you budget your events finances

Guest Speaker Form – This form must be filled out for any group who wishes to host a speaker that is not an LJMU student or staff member. Fill it out at least 3 weeks before the proposed event.