BUCS Fixture Admin

British Universities & Colleges Sport (BUCS) organise both individual and team competitions for Universities in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. For many teams the majority of BUCS fixtures take place on Wednesday afternoons but also weekend tournaments take place throughout the year, predominantly for individual sporting events.

BUCS stands as one of the largest university sporting organisation in the world delivering 52 sports to almost 170 member institutions every year making it very special to be a part of BUCS provides students with an exciting and prestigious basis on which to play university sport.

BUCS teams compete at a regional level in a league format, with Liverpool John Moores University in the North West region so regularly competing against other universities such as Newcastle, Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Keele and Bangor. Alongside this, there is a cup knock-out competition, which can allow our teams to compete to be regional champions and for some, national champions.

Liverpool John Moores University currently have 38 teams across 20 sports registered to compete for the 2018/2019 BUCS Championship league season, with another 11 clubs who will compete in national individual and team competitions as part of the BUCS events program.

All BUCS fixture related queries must be submitted to our sports e-mail address: teamfixtures@ljmu.ac.uk


BUCS Playing Under Protest Form - A Playing Under Protest form needs to be completed before a fixture takes place and submitted to teamfixtures@ljmu.ac.uk on the same day as the fixture.

BUCS Regulations - Please refer to the regulations for sport specific and general rules.

BUCS Team Sheets - This must be returned by 12noon on the day after your fixture. If the deadline is not met, you will receive a £5 fine, which will be deducted from your group account.