Employability & Careers Advice


Liverpool John Moores provide a Careers Service to help you with every step of your career journey. You can find out more information about what support the Careers team can offer you from here or call into one of their Careers Zones in the libraries across campus.

Liverpool John Moores Students' Union (JMSU) also offer various volunteering opportunites  such as Course Reps, Student Tustee posts and Elections Committee, as well as student staff positions.

LJMU also offer support for placments and job opportunities here

Employability / 'Soft Skills'

Soft skills or "employability skills" such as communication, teamworking, time management and problem solving are becoming increasingly important to graduate recruiters. Through students graduating at the similar times and CVs looking similar the recruiters are struggling to differenciate. Hard skills refer to Academic qualifications.

Employability through Volunteering with JMSU

Students are facing more competition for employment than ever before, it isnt enough to rely on your degree to be employable. Employers need to see that you have been given responsiblity from your peers and have actively sought out a variety of experiences. Each experience you gain, in addition to your degree, makes you stand out from the crowd.

Use our Employability Audit to show areas you may need to develop - can you tick every box? 


You can find information about the scholarships that LJMU offer here.