Info for LJMU Staff

The Course Rep system is a joint project between JMSU and LJMU to bring effective student-led representation into the heart of the academic structure, with the objective being to ensure quality assurance and student satisfaction on each course.  Our Course Reps are responsible for communicating with students at a course level, collating local issues to discuss at various committees, feeding back to their course mates and informing the JMSU of possible issues and positive aspects of LJMU experience.

Working with Course Reps can be a rewarding experience; however, we know that you may have questions regarding how to be there for them, and ensure that they have a positive experience throughout the year! If you have questions concerning the rep experience, or you want to provide your students with development opportunities throughout the year, please email us at

How to Support Course Reps

If you are closing working with the Course Reps, there are ways in which you can support them

  • Make sure you promote Course Reps positions at the beginning of each term. It is good practice to give newly elected and returning Course Reps the chance to introduce themselves to the rest of the class. This could be done by allowing them a 10 minute presentation slot during induction week.
  • Make sure that Course Reps’ voice is heard and respected during staff meetings. You can meet with your reps before the meeting, and send them a thank you email afterwards. Please, promptly inform them if the meeting has been canceled/rescheduled.
  • Encourage fellow students to get in touch with Course Reps regarding feedback or any valid ideas and suggestions. Provide mechanisms to ensure that the communication is fluid and consistent. For example, you can give the Course Reps some time before or after class to ask questions/collect feedback.
  • Give Course Reps a shout out during class! This ensures that the role of Course Reps is recognised, and more students may communicate with Course Reps to enhance students’ experience
  • Make sure that Course Reps are kept up to date with any relevant change. Consult them if you are planning on making any change or would like feedback on various elements of your module.
  • We organise events and offer training opportunities to create a positive Course Reps community. If you believe one of your reps can benefit from such engagements, encourage them to sign up for a training, or drop by at an event! 
  • We also reward our reps. Every month, we have a 'Course Rep of the Month' and we aim at rewarding a rep that has positively distinguished themselves and provided help to their fellow course mates or staff. If you believe one of your reps should receive the monthly award, let us know by emailing their name at

Support for Staff

We are happy to support LJMU staff throughout the year. If you believe that you need further help, or you have any questions or suggestions, please get in touch with us


Thank you for taking the time to look at this. At JMSU we look forward to working with you over the next academic year and beyond to continuously improve the University experience for all.