Info for Course Reps

What are Course Reps?

Course Reps are student elected representative that ensure that students’ voice is heard. They are the link between students and university staff. Their role is to consult and communicate with students, gather feedback (good and bad!), and attend relevant university meetings to ensure students voice is heard and meaningful change can happen. 


Course Reps have to attend relevant trainings to thoroughly understand their role, build confidence, understand how decisions and change are made at university level, and liaise with Officers and staff at JMSU to ensure that your feedback and ideas are acted upon. 


Why is the Course Rep role important?

Course Reps are elected by students, to ensure that all students' voice is heard. They make a huge difference within university, and they represent students' academic interests at University meetings. Their role is to ensure that all students get the best student experience throughout their time spent at university. If you are not sure about what happens to the feedback you give to your rep, do not hesitate to get in touch with them.


Can I be a Course Rep even if I do not have background representation/leadership experience?

Of course! Any student can become a Course Rep! We do not expect you to have any prior experience when registering for the role. You can learn more about the role, and develop additional skills throughout the year. We will be supporting you throughout training and development opportunities, We are here for you every step along the way.


What do Course Reps get in return?

  • Employability skills
  • Increased confidence
  • Log in volunteering hours!
  • Actively involved in university meetings and possibility to make change
  • Meet new people from your course or other faculties

If you are interested in developing any of the above skills, drop in one of course student leadership workshops. More information available soon!


How do I become a Course Rep?

If you believe that the role may be for you, get in touch with your lecturer and the fantastic team at JMSU at 

Maybe your course already has a rep, but we have plenty of opportunities for you to get involved in a democratic role!